Friday, June 5, 2015

A day? A night!

In October of 2009, I painted one night.  

I didn't know what I wanted to paint.  But I knew I wanted to paint. And this got madeI don't remember if the set of words mentioned along with the painting flowed out as I painted or they came some other time. I put them together on this blog and the two accompany each other ever since.

Today, doing one of the things I love doing in the evenings, that is reading Gulzar, I found a poem he wrote.  It describes what happened that night, well, almost!  

I painted a red sun in a red sky, and titled it, "A Day".  Gulzar's poetry about a similar painting, is called, well, "Painting."  

I think both, the painting and his poem "Painting", while about the day / the sun, are actually about a night :-)  And a restless one at that.

रात जब गहरी नींद में थी कल 
एक ताजा सफ़ेद कैनवस पर,
आतिशीं लाल सुर्ख़ रंगों से,
मैंने रोशन किया था इक सूरज!

सुबह तक जल चूका था वो कैनवस,
रख बिखरी हुई थी कमरे में !

- गुलज़ार 

The painting

October 2009.

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